APS Express 12/15/2022

APS Express

APS Express

December 15, 2022

Christmas Vacation

No School

December 19 - January 3

School Resumes Wednesday, January 4th!

The "Sounds of Christmas" Were Enjoyed by All!

It was another memorable Christmas program! Thank you,  Mr. Ganiel for teaching our students and arranging the program. Thank you to our APS teachers for being flexible as we held extra music classes to practice. And thank you to each and every APS student who practiced and performed! Your hard work paid off, it was a wonderful night!


If you weren't able to come, or if you just want to see your favorite parts again, check out the videos below!

Sounds of Christmas

EPC Wildcats Celebrate Parents Night

Athletes get a lot of credit for the dedication, strength, & sacrifice that they show. And they fully deserve that credit! However, they are not the only ones showing dedication, strength, & sacrifice… the parents of our EPC Wildcats athletes are the silent strength behind that success.

Parents Night

To our parents, we would like to say thank you...

Thank you for the hours that you spend in the car driving to practices & competitions.

Thank you for washing loads of disgustingly sweaty laundry

Thank you for giving up your evenings & weekends

Thank you for giving up time that you could have used for your own interests

Thank you for spending your hard-earned money on your athlete’s dreams

Thank you for loving your athlete whether they won or lost

Thank you for managing schedules so that your athlete is always where they need to be

Thank you for being brave in the face of injuries & setbacks

Thank you for understanding that practices might come before family vacations

Thank you for your patience when practice runs long

Thank you for showing up to competitions, even when you are too nervous to actually watch

Thank you for encouraging your athlete to keep going when they needed the extra push

Thank you for the hours you have inevitably spent wondering what path is best for your athlete

Thank you for trusting your athlete’s coaches and your athlete themselves

Thank you for caring about your athlete’s happiness & well-being

Thank you for believing in your athletes

And ultimately… Thank you for your constant support.


Through sports, YOU are providing your children with incredible life-lessons that will serve them well throughout the rest of their lives. Win or lose, they are building character directly because of your support & efforts.



Why would you use Spreadsheets to create Art?

Jackson H, 6th Grade

Our middle school students have been learning to create spreadsheets in technology class.  A spreadsheet is a tool that is used to store, manipulate and analyze data.

7th and 8th graders have created spreadsheets to store data on the weather and used that data to make graphs and charts. And now we are all using spreadsheets to create art! 

Macy B, 6th Grade

Why? Creating art allows us to practice formatting spreadsheets in a way that is fun and creative. We use shortcut keys like ctrl C, ctrl V, ctrl Z, and ctrl A over and over again until they become habit. This will help us as we work in all computer applications! Check out our art created by our middle school students!


Scroll your mouse over each picture to see who made it! There are MORE pictures down at the bottom of the APS Express!

Adalyn, 6th Grade
Hailey, 6th Grade
Shanon, 8th Grade
Jonah, 5th Grade
Jack B, 6th Grade
Kiarra, 7th Grade
Jadyn, 7th Grade
Paula, 7th Grade

This Week's Featured Student Art Work


School Board Notice

School Board Notice

Wrapping up Boys BB


Girls Basketball Schedule

Girls BB

Upcoming 4-H Dates

4-H Dates

Write this down...

Important Dates:

January 3 - 

No School - Teacher's Meeting

January 4 -

Back in School

January 12 -

School Board Meeting

January 16 -

No School - MLK Jr Day

January 30 - February 3 -

Bring Tabs

February 3 -


APS Cafe

Cafe Menu
Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Celeste Wunderlich


Merry Christmas from Mrs. Celeste! 



"At Christmas, all roads lead home." -Marjorie Holmes

Scroll Down for Community Events

Visit With Santa

The Red Hat Society will be assisting Santa at River Hills Grocery during his visit.  They will also be taking monetary donations that night for Jen Lorenz and her family for medical expenses.  Jen is in need of a double lung transplant and is currently on the transplant list.  Please keep her family in your thoughts! 

See the Trees


Live Nativity

Community Event

Support Local Youth

Community Event

More Pixel Art!

Abigayle, 7th Grade
Austin, 8th Grade
Bryce M, 8th Grade
Kobe, 7th Grade
Michael, 5th Grade
Samuel, 5th Grade
Aaron, 8th Grade
Bella, 6th Grade
Cole, 8th Grade
Dakota, 5th Grade
Haylyn, 6th Grade
Blake R, 7th Grade
Bryce W, 7th Grade
Cohen, 5th Grade
Haydan, 8th Grade
Holden, 8th Grade
Jack D, 7th Grade
Kaeli, 6th Grade
Khloe, 7th Grade
Maddyson, 5th Grade
Vanquez, 7th Grade
Madi, 6th Grade
Kiarra, 7th Grade
Riley, 4th Grade
Ryan , 7th Grade
Zoey, 8th Grade

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!