Board of Education

Altenburg Public School District 48 Board of Education


The Altenburg Public School board members:


Jessica Hecht - President

Cary Lloyd Roth - Vice President

Brittany Hecht - Treasurer

Andrew Lichtenegger

Lindsay Palisch

Amy Welker

Richard Sachs


school board

When and Where the Board Meets:

The Altenburg 48 Board of Education conducts its regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month (subject to change). Meetings are held at 6:30 pm (subject to change) at Altenburg Public School located at 8432 Main Street in Altenburg, Missouri. If you wish to address the Board during a regular meeting, five minutes are provided at the beginning of each meeting for public comments.

Board Meeting Agenda

Board Policies

The following link will direct you to our online Board Policies:
Please direct all policy questions to:
Altenburg Public School District 48
PO Box 127
Altenburg, MO 63732
Phone: 573-824-5857