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Read to Succeed

Altenburg Public School utilizes Accelerated Reader in our library and our classrooms. 

Accelerated Reader puts your child in the driver’s seat. Personalized goals help students stay focused on the factors that matter most for reading growth—and allows us to monitor their progress and provide feedback to keep our learners on track. 

Your child can choose a book from one of over 6000 in the APS library or read almost any book from home!  Want to know if your child's book is an AR book? Use the link below:

For Mrs. B's Use Only:

1. Go to our website 
2. Enter your Serial # 20395-387505  
3. Download the Volunteer Update (which will install as well)
4. You will need the following information to activate your Volunteer install:     

Serial #: 20395-387505       Product Code:  P93B0000A0H00E45